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Kichler 15PL200AZT Plus Series Transformer 200W Plus Series, Textured Architectural Bronze

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Product description

Size: 200 Watt

Product Description

PLUS SERIES – Kichler’s Plus Series Transformers feature a 6′ cord, pluggable options with a powder coated steel case. IMPORTANT: This unit is not approved for use with fixtures placed in ponds or landscape water features.

From the Manufacturer

The Kichler 15PR200AZT Plus Series 200-Watt Transformer features a six-foot cord, pluggable options with easy connect terminal blocks, and is covered in a powder coated steel case. This transformer has an in-line magnetic breaker on the secondary side that protects against short circuits and, if used indoors, the cable has to be lead through conduit. The 15PR200AZT is available in two finishes: Textured Architectural Bronze (AZT) and Beach (BE). This is featured with an auto-resettable in-line primary overload protection, as well. This is available as a multi-tap connection in 12V, 13V, 14V, and 15V and 80 amps maximum per board. There is a thermal cut-off on the primary side if the need arises. Your transformer selection will depend on the lighting job; size of the design layout, watts required and length of runs. Voltage drop will result in your lamps decreasing in brightness the farther they are from the transformer. Keeping runs as short as possible will minimize voltage drop and maximize light output. To figure voltage drop, use this equation: A (length of wire) x B (total number of watts for all lamps on that wire run) = C (cable constant – determined by wire size). Cable constant for each wire gauge is as follows: 10 gauge-11920, 12 gauge-7500 (no more than 250 watts or 200 feet), 14 gauge-3500 (no more than 200 watts or 150 feet), 16 gauge-2200 (no more than 150 watts or 100 feet), and 18 gauge-1380. This fixture is sold one per package, and includes a mounting plate for indoor use. This is UL rated for wet locations, but is not approved for use with fixtures placed in ponds or landscape water features. Unlike many others, Kichler Landscape Lighting Transformers feature epoxy encapsulation for greater protection and performance, secondary protection and auto-reset circuit breakers. Quality, reliable power and ease of installation are what contractors want. Safety and performance are what homeowners need, and you can find it all from Kichler.

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